The Worthy Woman in LOVE

Imagine Finally Finding the LOVE You Long For. The LOVE You are Worthy of…

IN THE HEART OF EVERY WOMAN lies the intense longing to love and be loved.  Yet, so often this longing ends in wrenching heartbreak and hopelessness. The one who promised love betrays your trust. The man who treated you as if you were as precious as gold, without warning decides you’re not that precious anymore. Your “knight in shining armor” turns out to be a little boy who knows nothing about love. Or worse, your “lover, ” rather than protecting you, puts your body and soul in danger.

As a woman, you hold within you the Courage, Wisdom, and Power to create the life that fulfills all that you long for. You are Worthy of safe, nurturing, passionate, precious love. So, whether you are

  • single, lonely, and tired of heartbreak
  • in a relationship that brings you more pain than pleasure
  • wanting to break through whatever has been holding you back from having the love you long for…

My commitment is to support your journey to know how to finally find the deepest intimacy of Soul Surrender with the one who you have proven Worthy of you. In my book,  my video seminar, “The “Worthy Woman Way,” my speaking, personal relationship counseling, and my own journey climbing out of hell to find my way home, I weave my decade of cutting-edge research in the “Psychology of Intimacy” to give you the truth about how to have and hold love that lasts a lifetime.

So, Welcome to my site! I look forward to inspiring your true journey to find the LOVE You are Worthy of.

Blessed be.Morgan